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Everyone has heard stories about ordinary people who become almost superhuman during times of crisis or disaster.  Most of us will never be required to perform that kind of heroic act but we can all participate and make the world a kinder, safer and more compassionate place if we look around us, see a need and fill it.



One way to become an everyday hero is to sponsor one of our Goodwill Ambassadors or permanent residents in need.  Sponsorship means you acknowledge the less fortunate and allow these wonderful horses to experience safety, peace, and love perhaps for the first time in their lives.



Many hours of human assistance, extensive veterinarian care, alternative therapies and re-training are required for our rescued horses to heal.



If your life circumstances don’t allow you to physically adopt a horse, yet you would still like to make a difference in the life of a special horse, please consider sponsorship for one of permanent residents.



With your sponsorship commitment, YOU can help rehabilitate these horses so they can have a second chance at life and become therapy partners for children and US Veterans.






























Individuals, classrooms, and corporations can sponsor one or more horses.  This can be a one-time, monthly or yearly tax deductible contribution via check or through Paypal.



The basic expenses associated with the rescue, rehabilitation, and daily care of our

therapy horses average $33.00 per day/per horse.  This covers housing, hay, water,

hoof care, supplements, fly protection, and routine medical care.



You can sponsor a horse by the day, week, month, or year.



The horses express their gratitude in advance... and would love to meet you in person!



Please contact us for more information regarding your level of sponsorship commitment.



 Phone:  805-453-4567 or email us:   [email protected]



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"Please sponsor us so we can help children                  and US Veterans heal...."

 Please sponsor me...

I help kids &Soldiers