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Many mares (female horses) of breed able age, whose fate is not the Slaughter-house, have the misfortune of ending up at the Premarin Drug Farms.  This is where pregnant mares are hooked up to painful machines that collect their urine to be made into Estrogen replacement drugs for women called Premarin.



The mares are kept in tight straight stalls with their heads tied.  As many as one hundred horses are kept in the same small facility.  They cannot lie down, exercise or move for the duration of their pregnancy. Painful urine collection catheters are attached to these mares for ten and a half of their eleven-month gestation period.  



The mares are not allowed to drink water till their thirst is quenched. Only tiny allotted amounts are given at timed intervals which are strictly monitored on order to keep the Estrogen hormone concentration as high as possible.  



These mares must endure this torture for ten months until they are ready to deliver their foals.  Then they have a two-week rest period before they deliver their babies on the snowy plains.  

















The death rate of the foals (considered by-products of the industry) is about forty percent.  The ones that survive have only a short time to nurse at their mother’s side, although the average foal nurses for six months.  Not these youngsters, their mothers are bred immediately on their foal heat which is approximately ten to twelve days after delivery.  



If the mare conceives, the newly pregnant mare returns to the stalls for another grueling ten months on the urine production and collection line.  The foals are then sold to the slaughterhouse.  



When these mares can no longer conceive (usually after 7-8 consecutive years of producing babies) they share the same fate as their unwanted foals and are sent to a torturous death at the slaughterhouse as well.



Although there is significant medical information proving these equine estrogen compounds are linked to breast, cervical, uterine and ovarian cancers, Premarin is still one of the top selling menopausal hormone replacement drugs in the world.



Why? Because Premarin is big business and most women are uninformed because their doctors don’t educate them and the women don’t know what questions to ask.



Please become more informed about Bio-Identical Hormones which are much safer for you. And stop taking Premarin as soon as possible. This will help end the needless painful cruelty inflicted upon innocent horses and their offsping in the name of menopause.

Premarin...Estrogen replacement for women

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