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Our Story...




In 2000, The Equine Sanctuary opened its doors for several special horses.  Two of them, Adalenia and the Black Breeze, our Muses, provide an ongoing inspiration to all of us.


The Equine Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that began it's mission in Ojai, Ca. Later adding locations in Santa Barbara, Ca., the Santa Ynez Valley on Ca. and as of 2018, a location in Colorado as well. We also have various locations throughout the country where some of our adoptable horses are fostered.


We specialize in the care of the professional polo, sport or race horse who once injured, find themselves in circumstances where there is no longer sufficient time or money for their continued care.  


Most of these horses are unsuitable for placement with non-professionals.  They often require extensive veterinary care and are at high risk of being  shipped over the borders to a Canadian or Mexican slaughter-house for export to European and Asian countries  for human consumption.


Rehabilitation includes full-spectrum, complementary and allopathic care.  We provide customized Nutritional programs, Homeopathy, Endocrine-Immune monitoring, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Neural Pathway reprogramming, Bio-Mechanical assessment, Massage, Laser Therapy, Corrective Shoeing and when necessary, Surgery.


With great love, kindness and training, we assist the healing of the mind, body and spirit of these beautiful animals.  Once physically rehabilitated, the horses are re-schooled in ground manners, people skills and are taught basic dressage.


Most of our rehabilitated horses are successfully placed in carefully approved homes.  Others stay with us as Goodwill Ambassadors for educational and therapeutic experiences with children and US Veterans with PTSD or TBI (traumatic brain injuries).


               "A Safe Home Forever "

      for the unwanted polo, sport & racehorse....

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