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Once a flash of white lightning on a forty-goal Argentine polo field, Adalenia’s beauty and talent caught the eyes of savvy Americans looking for top US circuit polo horses of Argentine descent.  Purchased, imported, and campaigned in America’s top polo matches, she eventually suffered an accident that left her front leg permanently injured.


Adalenia was then transitioned to life as a brood mare.  Two years after being retired, Alexis Ells, Founder & Director of The Equine Sanctuary, discovered her struggling on three legs, ready to foal, alone in a pasture.  


















Alexis immediately came to Adalenia’s aid and delivered the foal.  The Equine Sanctuary soon became home to Adalenia and her new filly.  Nothing was spared to maintain her quality of life, and over the following two years Adalenia flourished.  


However, the injury caused her ever increasing pain, and soon she required extensive surgery.  Dr. Dough Herthel DVM, of the renowned Alamo Pintado Equine Clinic in Santa Ynez, California, performed a heroic five-hour surgery.

















After three weeks in ICU, Adalenia’s prognosis was positive.  She was to be released within a short period of time for a three-month cast recovery at The Equine Sanctuary.  During her first routine cast change procedure, to everyone’s shock and dismay, her hoof completely detached and fell into Dr. Herthel’s hand.  The extensive surgery had compromised the integrity of the vascular system, blocking the crucial life-sustaining blood supply of the foot and hoof wall.


Adalenia’s indomitable spirit had infused her caregivers with hope that she would once again be able to grace us with her presence and run pain-free through the green pastures.  Sadly, that was not to be her fate.


















Adalenia lost her battle for life on June 20, 2003.  The Equine Sanctuary has been dedicated to the memory of this beloved horse, who was an inspiration to all that knew her.

In Memory of Adalenia

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