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Horses have been man’s greatest companions for centuries.  They have served us in peace, war, work and play.  It is important that all of us take action to help put an end to the horrific suffering that many of our American horses are enduring.  



It is illegal for horses to be slaughtered in the U. S.  Yet each year, over 150,000 US horses are brutally butchered after being shipped over the borders to Canada and Mexico. This meat is for human consumption and considered a delicasy in the Asian and European countries.



We must put an end to this BLATANT CRUELTY for financial gain.  Visit the American Horse Protection Coalition to find out how you can help stop this ongoing horror.  



They have information regarding legislation and how to contact your states representatives and how to contact your local senators and state representatives to PERMANENTLY BAN the slaughter of our US horses!



And help end the needless suffering of mares and foals from the Premarin Industry.  Because

woman unknowingly take these Hormone Replacements drugs prescribed by their doctors,

you put youself at serious health risks and innocent horses are abused and die.

















You can also contact the Humane Society in Washington D.C.   They can assist you with the             appropriate letters and actions.  Please call : 202.955.3663.

Legislation... please help end the suffering of US horses.

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