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Effective gift planning maximizes the preservation of your own financial security and that of your loved ones, while remembering the charitable organizations that you hold dear.  There are several ways to do this. Consult your financial advisor for details.





                                              A Will or Living Trust



A gift from a will or living trust to The Equine Sanctuary is simple to arrange.  It is an easy way to provide for your favored charity and to  incorporate provisions into your long range estate planning.



-You can leave a specific dollar amount, or you can designate a percentage of your estate to be given through your will or living trust.



To plan a charitable bequest, inform your attorney of  your wishes and ask for advice on the best form for your gift.




                                                  Life Insurance



Many people are blessed and have more assets than needed for a comfortable retirement.  Decisions made now to utilize these funds can be implemented, in many cases, with a simple change of the beneficiary form to donate to your cause of choice.



Your retirement plan benefits advisor or your life insurance professional can also provide more details upon request that would create a win - win for all parties.

Planned Giving...

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