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As a young Canadian filly, Breeze’s talent and beauty was evident to the knowledgeable eye.  Purchased as a three year old, Breeze ultimately became an international polo horse.  She played high goal polo for many years and was “one in a million” as they say.a child could ride her or she could carry a ten-goal player to victory.


Her polo career lasted an unheard of seventeen years, till a final fall affected both her knees.  Unsuccessful as a broodmare, Breeze was left without a “job”.  Alexis Ells had long admired Breeze and offered to take her along with Adalenia and the new filly.  Hence the original three opened The Equine Sanctuary’s gates in May of 2000.
















Breeze became an amazing surrogate mom to Adalenia’s filly.  They were inseparable.  With strength, courage, and compassion she mentored Adalenia’s filly into a fine young horse.  They remained constant companions until the filly, at three years of age left The  Equine Sanctuary to start her training.  Breeze mourned the loss of her young friend for a long time.














Competitive on the field yet caring, intelligent and clever beyond words, Breeze could untie any rope, open any gate or door and if she liked a particular horse that was tied nearby, she would free them and take them for a walk in search of some kind of adventure, usually to find grass or the carrot bin.  


Breeze became the star of the therapy riding program and the educational seminars for children and adults.  She always made people laugh with her silly tricks and reminded everyone that she was smarter than them.
















In her last year of life, the osteoarthritis in her knees became progressively painful, causing decreased mobility.  Everything humanly possible was done for her.  Acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, magnetic and laser therapies were utilized until traditional pain meds were required.


Despite the pain, Breeze’s indomitable spirit and will to live kept her alive longer than most horses.  Adalenia and Breeze were two of the most remarkable horses that have ever graced The Equine Sanctuary’s pastures.


Breeze taught everyone - volunteers and visitors alike - the value of being “in the moment”, and enjoying the simple things that life has to offer.  She never let her pain stop her from living life to the fullest.

















Breeze joined her beloved best friend, Adalenia on August 23, 2008.  She was, indeed, an inspiration to all and it is for this reason that The Equine Sanctuary is dedicated

to the Black Breeze as well.


In Memory of Black Breeze

"Our Muse"

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