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Many equine athletes in need come to The Equine Sanctuary.  The majority of these horses are successfully rehabilitated  and re-trained for basic dressage.  



We teach them to safely trailer, stand for the shoer and socialize them. We teach them respectful ground manners and help them develop the necessary people skills to safely interact with a wide variety of humans.



This lengthy process allows us to have a greater success rate at placing these horses in long-term homes then if we just rehabilitated their physical injuries.



We carefully screen each adoptive home before placing our horses with a no sell, breed or race contract.



Please contact us for a formal application process if you are interested in adopting one of our rehabilitated horses.  



Our list of adoptable hoses is extensive.  We have a very strict matching/selection process to ensure that your home will be a ‘safe home forever’ for our horses.




                  Please call 805.453.4567  or email us : [email protected]

Adopt A Horse...


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We would love to help you find you next forever equine partner!

"I could be your next forever horse..."


If you are unable to physically adopt a horse... please sponsor a therapy horse and visit when you can!


 We will be waiting to meet you with heartfelt gratitude...